#throwbackthursday – No Carbonated Drinks

** This is an item from my list that I completed before I started this blog **


One of the things I am terrible for, is drinking carbonated drinks .. and far too many of them too.  Because of this, I aded an item to my list (Go 28 days without Coke or any Carbonated Drinks) in the hope that it may help me kick the habit one and for all.

In January 2010, I started doing Slimming World (again!) and decided to go cold turkey with not only carbonated drinks, but also with chocolate, sweets, crisps, takeaways and generally anything that is considered ‘bad’ for you.

It was really tough the first week – I had really REALLY bad sugar withdrawal; I had terrible headaches and really bad sweats but I got though it and decided that if that’s what my body did when I cut it out altogether, then I was better off without it.  I managed the 28 days and even extended it to make it through to 40 days and was really proud of myself.  When I had one in the end, I made a conscious effort to have smaller glasses and less of them (trying to only have them every other day at most) and things went OK.

That was until things at work started to get stressful and my immediate reaction was to give up on everything and go back to my old ways.

For the moment, the challenge of giving up Coke and other similar drinks is not on my radar; that is to say,  I realise that in order to lose weight and get fitter, it is one ‘easy’ thing to do considering I don’t really drink alcohol, but at the moment I am enjoying my daily Coke too much.  To some that very phrase (Daily Coke) must sound awful but think on this – at one point in my life (not long before January 2010 when I did this 28 day challenge), I was drinking probably 4 or 5 times that amount – I know – shocking!

I recently came across this post and loved it – I nodded along with pretty much all of it and totally admire the writer for celebrating their 10 year anniversary!


One thought on “#throwbackthursday – No Carbonated Drinks

  1. Thanks for the shout out Emma!!! I can’t say it has been easy to give up coke and caffeine but I am definitely glad that I did 🙂 After all the withdraw symptoms that I went through I never want to go through it again.


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